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Allstate Bail Bonds has been owned and operated by the Persons family since 1951. The agency was started by Billy Persons. Billy Jr. learned the business from his father and began to run the company in 1979. As the agency has grown over the years Billy needed to find someone to help him run his successful agency. Billy hired Chris Bailey – that’s his real name – to fill this need. Chris has the same commitment to serve the agencies clients that the Person family has demonstrated over the years. Chris has added an additional dimension to the business; Chris also underwrites Surety Bonds for businesses.

Bail Bonds

The courts or jail will accept a Bail Bond in lieu of cash or other property to secure the release of a person arrested for a crime. The rates for Bail Bonds are set by law, usually 10% of the

Property Bonds

The courts have allowed releases from jail by posting a property bond. The real estate used to secure the release generally needs to equity of 150% of the required bail amount. Given the volatile real estate market, the time required

Cash Bail

The courts will accept cash for the full amount of bail. The money can in the form of cash or a cashier’s check. Individual courts can vary on acceptable forms of payment. The courts will often need to verify the

Own Recognizance

Defendants or accused persons can be released on their Own Recognizance or O.R. This is usually done for lesser crimes. Only the judge can make the determination to release someone on their Own Recognizance.

Citation Release

This is given to a person by the police officer when they are cited. Citation releases are most common in traffic tickets and include instructions for the court of jurisdiction and appearance dates. Allstate Bail Bonds will explore all possible

Offices and Jails Served

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